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Cascade Canyon

Our last hike of the trip this year was Cascade Canyon just off of Jenny Lake. Brent said it was his favorite hike we’ve done so far in Grand Teton National Park. From the photos, you can see why. We had a beautiful day for the hike and we got a little rain storm as well. Here’s the view from the Canyon as we walked up.

We stopped for lunch and watched some little trout feeding in the creek. After lunch it began to rain while the sun was shining – an experience I love. In the photo the rain almost looks like snow, but I promise it wasn’t that cold!

The hike begins off the Jenny Lake boat dock and travels up around 5 miles for a round trip of about 10 miles. We added on Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point as well for a longer day. The elevation gain is only about 1000 feet, it’s fairly gradual through the 5 miles, and there is a of cover throughout the day. You don’t need to take the boat ride, it’s really quick (maybe 10 minutes) and costs $15 for an adult round trip. Adding that distance to the hike adds another 5.2 miles round trip.

Here’s one last photo of us as we went up the trail. Again, this trail is well traveled so expect to have company from both day hikers and those headed out to or back from backcountry trips.

Amphitheater Lake

Amphitheater Lake was one of the hikes we did while in Jackson. The hike is a challenging hike for sure, it’s just over 10 miles with 3,000 ft of elevation gained in the hike.

While we were scared (just kidding) – we made it and had a blast! It’s one path up and down with lots of switchbacks. You pass Surprise Lake just before you get to Amphitheater Lake.

That’s Brent at the lake where we had lunch. We then climbed above the lake to see the view over the mountains. It was a short and steep climb, but the views back over the lake where beautiful.

All in all, if you’re up for a challenging day hike I would recommend this one. It is pretty heavily traveled, and exposed so head out early and bring plenty of water.

Fishing Together

I feel lucky to have Brent as my husband. Not only is he a wonderful person, but he is willing to take on my hobbies like skiing and fishing. This trip we did two all-day guided trips with Snake River Anglers in Jackson. The first trip we were on the Moose to Wilson section of the snake river with my dad, Lisa, Stevie, and Wyatt – 3 boats in total. Jack, our guide, worked with Brent on his casting and hook set. We had a great day and enjoyed beautiful views! I caught several fish – nothing too big, but did hook a good size fish that didn’t make it to the boat.

Luckily even a day of catching smaller fish is a great day – just being on the Snake it a great day!

Our second trip took us to the Deadman’s to Moose section of the river, typically thought of as the most scenic. We were out with Nick and had better luck catching some bigger fish.

Nick took us into a few back channels, one called frustration creek for good reason!, and we had a great time.

I’m looking forward to our next fishing adventure and so grateful Brent has taken a liking to fishing.

September in Jackson

We took a trip to Jackson Labor Day week to visit family and enjoy the outdoors. Together with my dad, Lisa, Stevie, and Wyatt we went out to Phelps lake via the Rosevelt visitor center about a 4 mile hike that’s mostly flat to the famous Phelps Lake jumping rock. I did not jump this year, but Wyatt jumped up a storm! Stevie and my dad also made the leap.

I had never done the hike this way, and it was nice not to have to face the uphill climb in the strong sun!

We saw two bear on this hike, too. One was fishing and the other was eating berries. It was incredible! This photo doesn’t do him justice, but here’s the bear we saw eating berries in the middle of the creek.

Journey to the Taj Mahal

Up early and off to the train with Rahul. The fog was thick and the train delayed. When we got to our stop we had to say goodbye to Rahul. He took wonderful care of us, and we have missed him and his care since we left.

Once we arrived in Agra we visited the Taj Mahal with Mohsin, our guide. He and his brother have their own guide company and they’re incredible guides! 

The floral designs next to me are carved into a single piece of marble. And the stones you see are  semi precious stones grownd down by hand. The craftsmen need the stones to be so thin they lose parts of their finger in the process. The stones are they inlayed into the marble. Mohsin said this craft is a dying trade because the parents of the next generation would like a life for their children that does not include losing their fingers to art. 

It was a beautiful day to see the Taj Mahal and learn more about his history. 

The view from our room let us enjoy the sunset over the Taj Mahal. 

End of the Journey

We enjoyed some pool time in Agra before heading back to Delhi.

A pool with a view of the Taj…not bad at all!

We enjoyed our last dinner in India.

Once back in Delhi we went out exploring for our final day in India. We visited the Lodi gardens, the India gate, and the Red Fort. Delhi had blue skies to welcome us for our 2nd visit. 

And now we are on our way back to the US via Abu Dhabi. By the time we get home we will have flown around the world. 

Thank you to everyone who took care of us in India. It was a magical trip, and we are grateful to have met you and shared in your part of the world. 

I’m excited to see these little furry faces when we get home.

Sloth Bear & our Last Night at Aman-I-Khas 

We had an easy morning. Sleeping in, reading, and going for a walk with Rahul. In the afternoon we went out for our last Safari. ​ We saw a lot of wildlife, most notable a young female sloth bear. She showed us her best dance moves and Brent captured them on film. 

Above is a photo of the spot where we stopped for tea. The sunset was beautiful! And we watched the dear and a variety of birds enjoy the afternoon light. 

After the Safari we enjoyed a beautiful dinner by candlelight hat Rahul set up for us. We listened to music and enjoyed the starts above Rajasthan. What a way to end our stay with Aman-I-Khas! 

We signed the guest book on our way back to our tent. This is what the young girl from Japan who we went on Safari wrote. 

Ranthambore Fort & a Safari

We woke up to a cool morning and went out on Safari. Bobby, our guide, zeroed in on two tigers. With the low visibility it was very hard to see them. But we did see a variety of other wildlife including s jungle cat. 

As the day warmed up we had greater visibility, and got some nice photos of Samba deer and spotted deer.

We stopped for a tea break, and met some new “friends.” Right after this photo was taken my new friend flew onto my head and stayed for an uncomfortable amount of time. 

After our safari we enjoyed lunch and read by the fire pit. Aman-I-Khas is incredibly relaxing. 

After lunch we went out to see Ranthambore Fort with Randhir, our guide. It’s an incredible Fort built in the 10th century. We learned from our guide that this Fort was never successfully invaded until a Muslim ruler from Delhi laid siege to the Fort for a year. The story goes that he wanted his son to marry one of the maharaja’s daughters who he had heard was incredibly beautiful. The maharaja opposed this marriage because he was Hindu. I have several photos of the Fort on my camera that I will share when we return.

I got to feed a monkey. She was very old, she had no teeth. But she was very strong! 

This for has a very famous Ganesh temple. It is said to be the only temple with a statue of Ganesh that has his entire family with him and he has three eyes. We brought him a gift and revived a blessing from the holy man.

Rahul surprised us with rooftop tea and cakes where we could watch the sunset across a beautiful lake. We saw crocodiles, the 2nd oldest banyan tree in India, and a tiger coming to the lake for an afternoon drink. 

On our way out of the Fort a big lepord walked across the stairs just head of us. It was a around the corner from us, so we didn’t see it but we heard the commotion. 

Indian Cooking Class & Tigers

We started off our morning with an Indian cooking class. Chef Brent cooked over the Chulha, or Indian stove, which is covered on three sides out of respect for Shiva. 

Together Brent and the chef prepared chicken masala, black lentles, and breads. Brent was given a beautiful spice box with some familiar and some new species to enjoy. 

We enjoyed our meal by the lake. 

After classes we heard out on safari and, together with Bobby, spotted tigers. I have the photos on my camera and will post after we return. We saw a female and male tiger going through a courtship ritual. They were stunning to see! It’s harder to spot them this time of year because of the fog, we felt lucky and blessed.

We ended our evening with a forest dinner. It was beautiful! Rahul and the staff prepared a special dinner for us in the forest lit by lanterns. It was beautiful! And we learned how to make tandoori naan. 

First Safari & a Camel Ride

We started our morning with a 6:45 am safari with Bobby, our guide. 

While we did not end up seeing a tiger, we did see her tracks and hear the distress calls of spotted deer. We saw the blue bull antelope, samba deer, wild boar, lots of birds, and many monkeys. The scenery was beautiful! 

After our safari we enjoyed breakfast, some relaxation time, and then a camel ride to watch the sunset. 

Rahul served us tea, cookies, banana bread, and nuts while we watched wildlife and enjoyed the foggy sunset. This time of year the fog rolls into the hills in the late afternoons and burns off by midday.