A Tale of Three Weddings….

Ryann and Brent were married at San Francisco City Hall in the company of their parents, some of Ryann’s siblings, and a few local friends.  It was a relatively unplanned affair. They decided to make it official while buying a small house in Menlo Park. That was a busy week for the young couple. They were married, closed on their house, and moved into their first house the next day.

The following year There were two wedding celebrations.  A Wyoming celebration in Jackson and a Connecticut celebration on the beach.  Why two celebrations in two places after a wedding in San Francisco?

Ryann has always had a love for the West. She even spent a summer living on a cattle ranch in Alberta, Canada. At the same time, Ryann and Brent are West Coast transplants, and they still have some Connecticut preppiness in their hearts. When the time came to select what to do, Ryann asked, “If you’re only getting married once why not marry the same person three times?”

Thank you to the friends and family who travels from near and far to celebrate!

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