Saying Goodbye to 2019


High moments and low moments.  Each year brings us a little of both, here are some of ours.

A new little monster…meet Kodi.  We were blessed with a new addition to our pack in January – Kodi Justice Price Harris.  Kodi is cute as a button and very animated.  She’s kept us on our toes all year and we’re grateful for the lightness and joy she brings everyday.  Our good friends, Tess and Beth, brought her into our life when she needed a new home and we feel incredibly blessed.


Brent spent much of the year traveling the world to build Facebook’s new Oversight Board and collecting feedback on how best to design this new institution. From Delhi to Berlin, New York to Singapore, and around the world again, Brent and the amazing Governance Team at Facebook worked to turn the idea into a reality (still in progress…).  Here he is speaking at Chatham House in London and back home in Oklahoma. Their work was covered by media across the world, and I’ve included a few links below. It’s been a challenging year for Facebook and while we all have opinions on the company I’m incredibly proud of Brent, his team, and their efforts to re-imagine what’s possible for content moderation online.

India’s Economic Times, England’s Chatham House, and The New York Times.

I spend my year overseeing the Stanford Executive Program (SEP) at the Graduate School of Business.  It’s a life-changing program Stanford offers to senior executives from around the globe looking to elevate their impact in the world. Graduation day is the pinnacle of the program and always an emotional day. This year my mom and Dave were able to join. Having my family there meant the world to me. During the graduation ceremony I told the story of the crash that changed my mom’s life and the journey she’s (and we’ve all) been on since May 2017.  “As individuals, we have very little control over what happens to us. We can, however, choose our reactions and how we respond. We control our choices. We can choose to be purposeful in our actions, our words, and our decisions,” I said.  I firmly believe that leadership matters and it matters most in hard times.

While we typically head across an ocean when we have a chance, this year we stuck closer to home. In August, we spent two weeks recharging in the Hawaiian Islands. After Brent’s global travel and the Stanford Executive Program, relaxation was just what the doctor ordered. A few days on Maui followed by a week on Lani. Beach time, aerial yoga ever day, Nobu at night, and lots of swimming and reading. In a word, heaven.

Family and friends mean the world to us. This year we enjoyed visits from Wynd, Dave, and Elise (and yes, that’s a photo of Elise standing and hugging me for the first time since the crash!). We enjoying hiking and dining in Tahoe with the Salmon’s and the Johnson’s side of the family for this year’s reunion. We celebrated Aaron and Ladan’s wedding and welcomed two new little ones, Louis and Henry, into our expanding circle of friends here in the Bay Area. At the same time, we’ve struggled to grow our own family. After repeated miscarriages, we sought fertility treatment at Spring Fertility in the Bay Area. While it has not been an easy journey, it’s safe to say it would be much harder without the kindness and support of the team at Spring.


In the photo above we are celebrating the first of several procedures I went through this year. We hope to have joyous news to share in 2020. For now, we practice patience as our journey continues.

Thank you for your support and we wish you a wonderful new year!

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