Journey to Burano

We took the ferry to Burano in the morning. Staying in the heart of the city makes it easier to get around in a city where land transportation is anything but straightforward.

We admired the brightly colored buildings and lace craftsmanship.

We also admired the leaning towers.

In one is the shops we found a print art that resonated with Brent. You can’t see it as easily but one of the social media tarot cards is about cat videos. That’s mine.

While the island is famous for lace it was really hot and I had forgotten to pack a hat. We set out in search of a hat for me as we waited for our reservation. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Il Gatto Nero which was recommended by a friend.

The boat ride back we admired the many abandoned islands. The day ended with a sunset cruise of the canals and the lagoon. We learned that three of the islands were hospitals. One, the largest, was turned into a Marriott hotel. The other two are abandoned.

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