Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas Eve we strolled through Hoi An admiring the lanterns. After my class I have tremendous respect for the skill involved in making each one.

Christmas morning greeting Brent with an Egg Coffee made specially for him by Thi Phan . The hotel doesn’t officially have them on the menu but it’s Thi Phan’s speciality and Brent was thrilled!

We were also greeted by a visit from Santa in a sleigh drawn by water buffalo.

After visiting Santa and enjoying egg coffee we went for a beach stroll. Brent and I came across a fisherman and his family setting out his nets.

We spoke with his father who was clearly proud of his son’s skill as a fisherman. While we couldn’t understand almost anything he said parental pride and joy transcend language barriers.

The rest of the day we read by the pool enjoying the sunshine.

One comment

  1. Love the blog Ryann! So glad you’re enjoying the holidays overseas. Sorry we’ll miss you in January in Amherst. Stay safe.


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