Fishing Together

I feel lucky to have Brent as my husband. Not only is he a wonderful person, but he is willing to take on my hobbies like skiing and fishing. This trip we did two all-day guided trips with Snake River Anglers in Jackson. The first trip we were on the Moose to Wilson section of the snake river with my dad, Lisa, Stevie, and Wyatt – 3 boats in total. Jack, our guide, worked with Brent on his casting and hook set. We had a great day and enjoyed beautiful views! I caught several fish – nothing too big, but did hook a good size fish that didn’t make it to the boat.

Luckily even a day of catching smaller fish is a great day – just being on the Snake it a great day!

Our second trip took us to the Deadman’s to Moose section of the river, typically thought of as the most scenic. We were out with Nick and had better luck catching some bigger fish.

Nick took us into a few back channels, one called frustration creek for good reason!, and we had a great time.

I’m looking forward to our next fishing adventure and so grateful Brent has taken a liking to fishing.

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