Journey to the Taj Mahal

Up early and off to the train with Rahul. The fog was thick and the train delayed. When we got to our stop we had to say goodbye to Rahul. He took wonderful care of us, and we have missed him and his care since we left.

Once we arrived in Agra we visited the Taj Mahal with Mohsin, our guide. He and his brother have their own guide company and they’re incredible guides! 

The floral designs next to me are carved into a single piece of marble. And the stones you see are  semi precious stones grownd down by hand. The craftsmen need the stones to be so thin they lose parts of their finger in the process. The stones are they inlayed into the marble. Mohsin said this craft is a dying trade because the parents of the next generation would like a life for their children that does not include losing their fingers to art. 

It was a beautiful day to see the Taj Mahal and learn more about his history. 

The view from our room let us enjoy the sunset over the Taj Mahal. 

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