Ranthambore Fort & a Safari

We woke up to a cool morning and went out on Safari. Bobby, our guide, zeroed in on two tigers. With the low visibility it was very hard to see them. But we did see a variety of other wildlife including s jungle cat. 

As the day warmed up we had greater visibility, and got some nice photos of Samba deer and spotted deer.

We stopped for a tea break, and met some new “friends.” Right after this photo was taken my new friend flew onto my head and stayed for an uncomfortable amount of time. 

After our safari we enjoyed lunch and read by the fire pit. Aman-I-Khas is incredibly relaxing. 

After lunch we went out to see Ranthambore Fort with Randhir, our guide. It’s an incredible Fort built in the 10th century. We learned from our guide that this Fort was never successfully invaded until a Muslim ruler from Delhi laid siege to the Fort for a year. The story goes that he wanted his son to marry one of the maharaja’s daughters who he had heard was incredibly beautiful. The maharaja opposed this marriage because he was Hindu. I have several photos of the Fort on my camera that I will share when we return.

I got to feed a monkey. She was very old, she had no teeth. But she was very strong! 

This for has a very famous Ganesh temple. It is said to be the only temple with a statue of Ganesh that has his entire family with him and he has three eyes. We brought him a gift and revived a blessing from the holy man.

Rahul surprised us with rooftop tea and cakes where we could watch the sunset across a beautiful lake. We saw crocodiles, the 2nd oldest banyan tree in India, and a tiger coming to the lake for an afternoon drink. 

On our way out of the Fort a big lepord walked across the stairs just head of us. It was a around the corner from us, so we didn’t see it but we heard the commotion. 

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