Indian Cooking Class & Tigers

We started off our morning with an Indian cooking class. Chef Brent cooked over the Chulha, or Indian stove, which is covered on three sides out of respect for Shiva. 

Together Brent and the chef prepared chicken masala, black lentles, and breads. Brent was given a beautiful spice box with some familiar and some new species to enjoy. 

We enjoyed our meal by the lake. 

After classes we heard out on safari and, together with Bobby, spotted tigers. I have the photos on my camera and will post after we return. We saw a female and male tiger going through a courtship ritual. They were stunning to see! It’s harder to spot them this time of year because of the fog, we felt lucky and blessed.

We ended our evening with a forest dinner. It was beautiful! Rahul and the staff prepared a special dinner for us in the forest lit by lanterns. It was beautiful! And we learned how to make tandoori naan. 

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