Village stroll, yoga, and …

We started off our morning with a stroll through the village with our guide Rambo Babo. He lives in this village with his family. The mist provides a magical quality to the morning. 

Our walk was followed by yoga with Shekhar.  He challenged us to relax our minds and trust that we can stretch farther than we think we can. He’s been a wonderful yoga instructor during our time at Amanbagh.

In the afternoon Khushi took us to Neelkanath a temple from the 8th century. At one time there were over 300 temples, but when the Mughals rose to power they destroyed all but one, this one. The story goes that when the Mughal soldiers came to destroy this temple the bees from the nearby hives attacked them so they couldn’t destroy the temple. 

In the photo below you may be able to see a small flame. This flame has been lit since the bees attacked in the 16th century. That’s almost 1,300 years of use for the temple and almost 500 years of continuous buring for the shrine. 

 Khushi took us around the ruines of other temples. Much of this is now protected by the Indian Government. They collect the rellicts to hopefully restore them in the future. 

The large statue is from a Jain temple built in the 10th century. It’s over 16 feet tall. 

The ruines are surrounded by farms and villagers. It’s an incredibly peaceful, quiet place. 

After visiting the temples Khushi took us to a beautiful lake.  We enjoy the view as we had tea and cookies.

Following the lake he took us to see the first Sati sight where a temple stands to day honoring the miracle that followed. The story goes her husband lay down for a nap, and was bitten by a cobra and died. They didn’t know he had died until he didn’t wake up from his nap. His wife asked the villagers to create a burial fire for him. She then asked them what they needed. They said they needed more water. She told them once the fire was lit to run away and not look back. They did, and she granted their wish for water. At the site a spring sprung from the earth and it produces water year round to the day. 

The last stop on our journey was Khushi’s home. He expanded his home one year ago to its current footprint it’s very impressive. His wife served us tea – it was the best tea I’ve had in India. Khushi said that’s because his wife used fresh buffalo milk from that afternoon’s milking. 

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