Happy New Year from Aman-i-Khas

We loved our stay at Amanbagh and can’t recommend it highly enough to friends and family. Above is our departure photo and the fine rice art we saw durning our stay. It took about 9 hours to complete with the artist working from midnight to 9 am.  Karan drove us to Aman-i-Khan and we enjoyed the view of Indian life. 

We arrived at Aman-i-Khas to ring in the New Year!  Raul, our batman, took us on a property tour. The property is set along the edge of Ranthampore National Park while we’ve only seem Samba deer on the property lepords, tiger cubs, and other wildlife are frequent property guests. 

The property is stunning with two beautiful organic gardens that provide almost all of the vegetables and herbs for the kitchen. They doctorates the fire pit for a New Years celebration. 

To celebrate the New Year they brought Reveries, a high school rock band, to perform. The kids ranged in age from 12-16 and they were amazing! They played Justin Beiber, the Eagles, Adele, and more. I have views on my camera that I plan to post later. The guitar solo during Hotel California was out of this world! 

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