Pratapgarh Fort & Yoga

I’ve come to enjoy this Indian dish as my favorite breakfast. It’s eggs, Tumeric, and other spices with a fluffy South Indian bread. It’s delicious! 

Perched on the edge of the hill, the Pratapgarh Fort dates back to the 18th century. The maharaja built this Fort after he had a dream about protecting his boarder from Jaipur. This fort once stood 7 stories high. 

We hiked up to the Fort with our guide and yoga instructor. We explored the ruins and visited with the local priest who tends to the fort’s Durga temple.  We learned that the flags mean the temple is active. 

At the top of the Fort we practiced yoga as the run rose to fill the valley below. We could hear the sounds of Village life including a funeral song. This excursion was a highlight for us with views of the entire valley. 

We retuned for a leisurely afternoon by the pool reading followed by a massage. We ended our evening dining outside entertained by locals playing the flute and drums. 

Tomorrow is our last day at Amanbagh. It has been an incredible trip! They’ve customized a menu for Brent’s dairy allergy and had fun making traditional Indian dishes for us that are dairy free. Our guides have been spectacular and incredibly kind. We have loved our stay and look forward to the Aman-i-Khas!

For example, here’s the flutist who is also an incredible artistist creating the new rice art, or Rangoli, piece. 

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