A King’s Throne & a Ghost City

A morning trek with Krishi lead us to The King’s Throne. It’s an elevated rock thrown created for the King in the 19th century.  He used it to hunt tigers and lepords. He could sit up in the thrown while his prey was lured and wait for the perfect shot. Climbing up ourselves was a fun challenge. My Fitbit told me it was 35 stories. 

It’s a beautiful morning trek. We met several villagers and their cows or buffalo who were surprised to run into us on the trail. 

Ashwini, who takes room reservations at Amanbagh also is a passionate Jenna and silk painting artist. I was blessed to get a henna drawing from her. She gave me two peacocks in a intricate design. 

We enjoyed yoga, a message, and sunny lunch by the pool before heading off to the ghost city of Bhangrah. It was built in the late 1500’s by Jaipur royal Diwan Mahdo Singh. At the time of its completion it was a magnificent city with a 7 story palace, bathing pools, a 3 story bizarre, and more. Only a generation after its completion is was abandoned after an evil court magician, Selu Sewara, cursed the city. The Maharaja and his family left the city with several villagers because they knew it had been cursed, but others chose to stay. Most of those who stayed died. Today the city is haunted by those who died. It is also still cursed. It recently opened to tourism singing the day, but it is closed at night because of the ghosts. 

Every evening we are entertained by local musicians. This night we had the added value of a puppet show. 

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