Lake Trekking & Evening Village Drive

Our first full day began with a hike to through a gorge to a lake. The lake was built back in the 17th century. The path has been used for over 500 years and the rocks covering the path are worn smooth from countless hooves traveling over their surface. 

Krishi, our guide, shared the story of the lake’s creation as pointed out several bird species at the lake. I have photos of the lake, but they’re on the camera and will be shared after we’re home. 

He also look us to a the Ajabgarh Fort which overlooks the valley near where we are staying. The fort was also built in the 16th century, and we climbed into the Fort and up to the roof for tea and cookies. Here’s a video from the top of the fort.


We returned from trekking for a quiet afternoon by the pool. Followed by and evening drive through the village. Here’s its called the Cow Dust Tour. It began with a monkey wresting match, here’s the victor. He seemed very pleased to have bested his playmate. 

We met many, many children. They love to wave hi and tata (bye bye). They also loved to have their photo taken and then see it. 

We drove through beautiful fields of mustard plants, which peacocks love to eat. 

As a fan of Jeeps and off road vehicles I loved the vehicle. 

At the end of our drive me met a heard of goats. The goats were adorable! And very colorful/patterned. 

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