Merry Christmas from Amanbagh

We arrived at Amanbagh after 5 hour Christmas morning drive from New Delhi. During the drive we saw much of the countryside from highways to villages. On the highways we saw all kinds of vehicles from camel carts to bikes to trucks to tractors pulling huge piles of dirt. Some vehicles would even travel the up the road into oncoming traffic. Our driver said he likens driving in India to playing a video game. 

Just as we got out of the city we stopped for a tea break at this resort. There were lots of children out playing and wishing us a Merry Christmas.

Amanbagh was well worth the travel time. The property is stunning. The food excellent. And the staff exceptionally kind. 

These are photos of our view. The photos on their website are better and more realistic examples of the beauty. The tall trees are not common, they were planned by the king back in the 17th century when he used this site for his hunting camp.  The property wall is a the same wall that defined the camp when he used this site. 

The resident Rangoli artist creates these daily to greet you as you enter the outdoor dining pavilion.

Brent looking very serious as we enjoy a sunny lunch.

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