Chang Mai

On our trip to Chang Mai we stopped by the White Temple. It’s a unique work of art created by a famous Thai artist.    

Inside the walls are covered with murals, but this time they include Avatars, Spider Man, Batman, and several other unexpected characters. 

In Chang Mai we’ve explored the Sunday market (crazy!), the old city, art galleries, and the temple on the mountain. 

Here we are at the oldest temple I the city.   
To make it up to the temple on the mountain you have to climb a lot of stairs. Here’s Brent starting the climb.   
Here I am on the way down. The staircase is flanked by giant serpents. 

At the top you are rewarded with a beautiful view and a gorgeous temple.


It’s a sign of respect to walk around the pagoda three times chanting. 

We loved the culture and friendliness of Chang Mai. We had a favorite cafe – Woo Cafe. 

And you may notice Brent got his haircut. We were directed to a man short walk from our hotel. He did an excellent job and charged us 50B or $1.75. 

We did a lot of market touring as well. When we said the Sunday market was crazy we meant it. 

We covered a lot of ground walking Chang Mai. It’s a beautiful city!


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