A trip to Myanmar for Christmas

On Christmas Day Brent and I took an excursion to Myanmar.  

Here we are passing through the customs office where all the customs officers were singing felice navidad. 

Somkid, our guide, took us to the local market.  Makers are typically held twice a day because there is no refrigeration in Tahiland or Myanmar. People will travel to the market to buy what they need for lunch in the morning and dinner in the evening. Pork, fish, and water buffalo are popular sources of protein. 

 We saw a fortune teller/magician performing magic for a group of people. You’ll see a few people with yellow powder of their face. It’s a symbol of pride and beauty for Burmese women and children to put yellow powder on their faces.


Next stop was the village. In this village everyone cooks and sells peanuts. We watch two women sorting and cooking peanuts in sand. 


After the village we traveled to the temple where we learned about our angels. Brent was born on a Sunday so his color is red and his spirit animal is a Garuda. I was born on a Friday so my color is blue and my spirit animal is a mole. From this temple we could see across back to Thailand and the mountains of Lao. 

 Our last stop was a monk school at a different temple. It was a large monk school. Here we was the young Monks fixing the afternoon meal. 

This photo shows the inside of the temple that’s home to the Monk school. The Buddah’s were decorated for Christmas. Below is the exterior of the temple. Three three colors of the roof indicate the people, the monk, and the Buddah. 


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