Hiking, Hill Tribes, and a Waterfall

Brent and I took a hike through rural Chang Rai with our guide Somkid. He’s an incredible guide and we felt blessed to have his help in our trip. 

Here we are after a long climb up. We are overlooking the Lahu hill tribe village called Jajor. 

Once we were in the village we whitnessed their Christmas celebration. All of the children played games in the street like this game with eggplants. 

 Everyone was laughing and we joined in the laughter watching the games. 

The villages do not have electricity, but the government sponsors solar panels and car batteries to bring some power to villages like this village.

A local villager joined us as a guide. He took us to a beautiful waterfall. 

We were happy to jump in even thought the water was very cold. The climb up was hot!

When we came out of the jungle we were in another hill tribe village. This village was Chinese, and their income comes from tea farming. The tea plantations are beautiful! 




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