First Day in Camp

We were pretty excited to arrive and that was just the beginning. 

The camp Chef is incredible! For lunch we had Thai food including a pomelo salad (below) and a soft shell crab and papaya salad. 

After lunch our escort showed up to our tent, #13. During our journey we crossed a suspension bridge. 


Arriving at #13 we found we had an incredible view of the valley. 


 The tent has a beautiful outdoor shower so you can bask in the view as you freshen up. 

For Christmas Eve dinner the camp planned a special dinner at the elephant camp with several surprises.  We began by meeting the locals.



 It was a dream come true for me!  All of the elephants here are in the care of the national elephant foundation started by the royal family. They’ve all been rescued and are now used to teach people, like Brent and I, about Asia elephants. The camp is situated in the middle of the elephant preserve next to a monastery. 

Next we dined on a traditional American style Christmas dinner of turkey, potatoes, and cranberry sauce. During dinner we were entertained by dancers and men breathing fire. In the fire photos you can’t see the man, just the fire. They were about 30 feet away but you could feel the heat from their fire.  


The end of dinner brought one last special surprise, and a dream come true for Brent. We let lanterns fly. 


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