First Day in Thailand

Brent and I excitedly checked into the Shangri-La hotel on Monday afternoon. We were looking forward to a shower, dinner, and sleep!  We have a beautiful room that looks out over the river and pool area. 

On our first full day in Bangkok we headed out to see the biggest tourist attractions – the Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddah. We traveled by boat from our hotel. 

We learned that it’s okay to push in lines. And that there are lots of rules, but not all of them are really followed. Or at least they weren’t followed by the people around us. 

I had a wonderful moment praying to the Emerald Buddah at the Grand Palace. It was a moment of peacefulness and calm in an otherwise chaotic experience. 

 As you can tell from our photos Brent and I are not avid selfie takers. We never thought we would say this, but we wish we had  bough a selfie stick for the trip.

Brent preferred the Reclining Buddah. Neither of us were prepared for his size. He fills his entire building. And the building is a work of art. The walls are covered in murals and the ceiling is patterned with gold leaf. 

Next we explored the famous sweets market- yum, Chinatown, and the flower market. The Chinatown market was an endless sea of everything you can imagine including giant stuffed animals. Boy was Brent glad that I’ve moved through my stuffed animal phase. 

We ended our day back at at the hotel by the pool reading and swimming. Next up, day 2!


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